About Us

Intercommunity Development Organization of Sierra Leone is a registered community-based non-profit multi-service organization that promotes, coordinates and provides programs, services, and initiatives to improve the quality of life of individuals and families as well as contributes to sustainable development of communities in Sierra Leone. We aim to give hope, provide opportunities, and support people and communities impacted by poverty, marginalization, inequality and other socio-economic issues.

Vision, Mission & Values


Sustainable communities where everyone strives to improve their well-being and contribute to sustainable development in their communities.


To improve the quality of life of individuals and families and promote sustainable development of communities through programs, services, social enterprise, community development and other initiatives.



Committed to maintaining the culture of diversity and inclusion as we acknowledge and respect individual differences, rights and dignity.


Everyone deserves access to the same opportunities including social, economic, and political opportunities. we are committed to treating everyone equal and help to address the unfair differences.


Maintains a commitment to excellence in service delivery. Collaborate with and support organizations that contributes to improving development in communities.

Transparency & Accountability

We endeavor to uphold transparency, accountability and efficiency in our organization, service delivery and dealing with stakeholders.


Intercommunity is open to new ideas, embrace change, and develop innovative programs and initiatives that help address the needs of the communities.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles underlying our work are social responsibility and collaboration.  The establishment of the Intercommunity Development Organization stems from a sense of responsibility towards the community. We strive to address social issues impacting the well-being of individuals, families and the communities by giving back to the community through volunteering, donations, fundraising, provision of services and promotion of social justice and community development. We also strive to work in collaboration and partnership with other organizations, agencies, community members and other stakeholders to make the communities a better place, that enables everyone to strive and improve their well-being and contribute to sustainable development.

Strategic Focus areas

Intercommunity was established from the desire to give back to the community to help improve the lives of individuals, families, and the communities. We concentrate our proactive efforts on five strategic focus areas: Psychosocial & Counselling, Rebuilding Lives, Education & Development, Supportive Families, and Sustainable Communities.

Focus Area 1.
Psychosocial Support and Counselling

People are often vulnerable to or face challenges at different stages in their lives, which may be due to social, phycological and physical health problems or reactions to crisis or life events such as humanitarian emergencies, disasters, physical illness, family problems, violence, abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, illegal drug use, unemployment, homelessness, and lack of social support. Intercommunity provides psychosocial support and counselling that enable individuals, families, and communities to respond effectively to the challenges they face, reduce distress, improve functioning, build relationships, and improve psychosocial well-being.

Focus Area 2.
Rebuilding Lives

The rebuilding Lives initiative is a comprehensive approach to address the needs of individuals and families who have experienced violence, crisis, trauma, or currently facing greater challenges including gender-based violence, sexual abuse, harassment, prostitution, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, and humanitarian emergencies to rebuild their lives. Intercommunity also supports and provides educational activities and initiatives that promotes abuse and violence prevention.

Focus Area 3.
Education & Development

Education is a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty, supporting development, reducing inequality, and improving the lives of people and the communities. Children and youth face numerous challenges in schools including lack of school materials, cost of education, poor grades or academic performance, class repetition, drug use, pregnancy, early marriage, poverty, and school dropout. Some children and youth do not have the opportunity to go to school due to poverty or cultural attitude if they are girls and children with disabilities. Intercommunity considers education and youth development as part of its key intervention areas that promote literacy, make educational success a reality for children and youth, and provide opportunities for them to realize their full potential and positively impact their families, communities, and society.

Focus Area 4.
Parents and Families

Intercommunity recognizes the importance of parents and families in child development and the development of communities and society. Families often face challenges including difficulty raising children, unemployment, balance work, maintain self-care, unhealthy relationships, domestic violence, divorce, separation, and debilitating poverty without much needed support systems. Parents and guardians may struggle with raising children, teenagers, or youth with behavior problems. Managing these challenges and supporting overall family well-being can be difficult, frustrating, and worrisome for parents, guardians, and the entire family. Intercommunity provides services that help families overcome challenges and poverty as well as help parents enhance their parenting skills and parent-child relationship.

Focus Area 5.
Sustainable Communities

Community engagement and compassionate communities are important assets for sustainable communities. Many communities, especially slum and impoverished communities lack basic services to meet people`s needs due to poverty and socioeconomic issues. Some people are struggling to afford food and other basic needs. They also face challenges in accessing available community services and resources. Intercommunity strives to improve the quality of life of individuals, families, and the communities by promoting and providing programs and services to communities, connecting people to community services and resources, raising awareness about socioeconomic issues, and developing a sense of community. Intercommunity also collaborates with community members, organizations, agencies, government, community groups, businesses, and other stakeholders to address the challenges facing the communities and to enhance the capacity of communities to improve the health and well-being of people.