Access Point

Connecting people to services and resources

Access Point is a centralized point where people can contact for information and support in accessing programs and services. It processes intakes or application for programs and services, provides information and referrals to services, and offers support services.

How to access services through Access point?

Access point provides coordinated access to a variety of support services. When you contact Access Point, our staff will complete intake for programs and services.  Once intake has been completed, you will be contacted to discuss your eligibility for services and what your goals and needs are through assessment. If you are found to be eligible, you will be placed on the waitlist for the programs and/or services requested.  Once those programs and services are available, The Access Point will contact you to connect you to the programs and services.

Information & Referrals

Providing information and referral to community services and resources

Access Point Workshops & Training

Workshops and training play very important role to improve or enhance people`s knowledge and skills. We provide workshops or discussion groups where participants engage in interactive discussions on a variety of topics and participate in activities to gain knowledge and build skills.