Psychosocial Support, Mental Health, Addiction & Counselling Services

Psychosocial Support

Intercommunity provides practical psychosocial services for people who are vulnerable to or face challenges, which may be due to social, phycological and physical health problems or reactions to crisis or life events such as poverty, isolation, unemployment, homelessness, lack of social support, family problems, violence, abuse, grief, bereavement, physical illness, stress, anxiety, depression, illegal drug use, humanitarian emergencies, and other major life stressors.

Mental Health & Addiction Services

Intercommunity provides a range of compassionate mental health support and addiction services to help support people with mental health issues and addiction problems and victims of disasters. Intercommunity`s mental health and well-being strategy focuses on the importance of raising mental health awareness, reducing stigma, advocacy, providing support services, and promoting well-being. We support individuals on their journey of recovery and help them cope, develop skills, and reintegrate into the broader communities. We work collaboratively with clients, family members, mental health agencies, organizations, and the communities to address mental health and addiction issues and to response to disasters. 

Counselling Services

People are often vulnerable to or face challenges or life-threatening events at different stages in their lives, which may negatively impact their quality of lives. Counselling is a process that practically and psychologically empowers people to address or deal more effectively with their challenges and problems. The Counselling Service is a formal professional service provided by our trained and professional counselling team to address a wide range of social, psychological, emotional, and behavioural issues and challenges facing individuals, families, and communities. The Counselling Service helps people to understand their challenges, improve coping skills, reduce distress and suffering, strengthen relationships, enhance social support, build resiliency and self-empowerment, reduce risk factors, and improve their well-being.

Some reasons for seeking psychosocial and counselling services

  • Struggle with distress, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, substance use issues, and other mental health issues.
  • Isolation, self-esteem, confidence, stigma, & suicidal thoughts
  • Housing or employment issues
  • Family issues
  • Separation & divorce
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationships
  • Teenage pregnancy & child marriage
  • School or Academic issues
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Abuse, violence & crisis
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Managing illness, symptoms, and medication
  • Coping with day-to-day problems or personal situations
  • Difficulty with accessing community services and resources
  • Seeking social support

Types of Counselling Services

  • Individual & Family
  • Relationships
  • Separation & divorce
  • Abuse, violence & crisis
  • Wellness & Mental Health
  • Grief & bereavement
  • Career & educational
  • psychoeducation

Additional services

Our counselling team can connect people with support services such as case management, crisis services and referrals to other professionals like a psychiatrist and other community services and resources.

Walk-in Counselling Service

You can visit our walk-in counselling service site. No appointment is necessary. You will meet with one of our social workers or counsellors for a counselling session.

Who We Service?

Our Counselling Service is available to people who are experiencing challenges and need help with counselling.


The counselling service is Free of charge