Education Pathways Program

Overview of Pathways to Education

Intercommunity considers education as one of its key intervention areas. Education is a basic human right and a powerful tool to improve people`s lives and ensure development of a community and nation as a whole.

 In Sierra Leone, there is a growing concern of high level of student repetition rates, drop-out rates, and poor academic performance of primary and secondary school students. Students from low-income households or those living in poverty are more likely to face significant barriers, repeat classes or drop out of school than students from middle -income or high-income households. Some parents or families find it difficult to pay for school fees, exam’s fees, private classes/lessons, transportation and buy school materials for their children due to economic hardship or poverty. In addition, many students lack access to mentors that offer support, advice, guidance and inspire them to succeed. The prospect of pregnancy and early marriage can also affect girls’ schooling. These challenges affect student`s learning, attendance, motivation, engagement, performance, or success. Dropping out of school may create uncertain futures due to inadequate skills and limited prospects of productive employment. Some of these students may turn to gang, drug abuse, prostitution and other income generating activities to make their living.

Education pathways program offers services that support students` learning through a successful transition from class-to-class and then to post-secondary institutions such as vocational training centres, colleges, universities, or workplaces.Education Pathways program strives to increase access to quality learning, improve attendance, reduce student dropout rates, improve academic performance, and build the foundation needed for successful future. The Education Pathways Program provides a variety of engaging educational, social and career planning opportunities to facilitate primary and secondary students` learning, development, and future career opportunities.

How Education Pathways Program Works?

Education Pathways Program works with schools, volunteers, families, organizations, government, communities, and other stakeholders to offer various supports to students. The Education Pathways Program include After School Program, Mentoring, Support Services, Literacy program, Financial support and Scholarship.

After School Program

The After School Program provides a safe and supportive place, where students can engage in educational, social, recreational, and other age-appropriate activities. It offers structured and unstructured activities including homework help, academic support, reading club, enrichment activity, French club, mentoring club, recreation & physical activities, life & social skills development, workshops, camping, and special events.

Mentoring Service

Program staff and volunteer mentors are matched with students for advice, support, and guidance. Students can have the opportunity to network with successful and inspiring local and international people from different background to encourage and inspire the students to continue their leaning, development and ensure success in their endeavours. Student can also participate in regular mentoring activities, camps, workshops, and conferences to help them envision their future and take the necessary steps needed to make their dreams a reality. 

Sponsorship & Scholarship

issues such as school fees, school materials, transportation, food, health, etc. We also provide scholarships to eligible high school graduates to help them pay for college, university, or vocational training and cover other expenses.

Student Support Services

Support service is available to assist students that need help in areas including counselling, advocacy, online learning supports, exam preparation, exploring career paths, and applying to vocational training centre, college, or university. The staff also track students’ attendance, grades, and communicate regularly with school staff and parents to help resolve problems that may come up at school and home. We also help students to access other services and supports they need to be successful. The support services include counselling, workshops,  career planning, career shadowing, internship, secondary school conference and more.

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