Educational Events

Intercommunity host and promotes educational events  to raise awareness, educate, and enhance personal development.  Find trainings, workshops, and activities that help you network, gain knowledge and skills, share ideas or expertise and socialize.

Training, Workshops and other Events


Violence against women awareness and  prevention workshops.

Weekly: Please call: 074 713 939

Support Group Sessions

Support group sessions for women who have experienced domestic violence and sexual violence.

Weekly: Please call: 074 713 939

Speaker Series

Intercommunity hosts speaker series on various topics. The speaker series help to increase public awareness and understanding of various issues and development in our communities. 

Is Age just a Number?

The campaign informs teens, young adults, and older adults (sugar daddy) of the negative effects of teen pregnancy and early marriage as well as the consequences of rape. That, it is not okay for males over the age of 18 years to exploit teenagers under 18 years of age. That age does matter.

You are too Young to be a Mother

This campaign will explain how teen pregnancy can affect the teen mother and a whole family and asks parents to have awkward conversations with their teens, instead of dealing with the consequences of teen pregnancy later. The campaign will also talk about how being a parent means putting baby’s needs first. The campaign will advise teenagers that if they are going to have unprotected sex, they will spend their time caring for their babies.

Are you too Young to be a Father?

This campaign targets young men with honest messages and positive advice on many topics ranging from being a young father, older men dating younger women, why it’s good to have safe sex practice with condom usage, pregnancy prevention, and why they should respect women.

Taboo topic - Healthy sexual practices, Sex and Condom Usage

The conversation between teens and parents about healthy sexual practices if a teen is sexually active and the use of condom to mitigate and prevent teen pregnancy.

Volunteering and Internship fair

Intercommunity is hosting volunteering and internship fair.

Leadership Skills Training

This training provides an opportunity for youth to learn and practice leadership skills. Youth leadership skills include:goal setting, decision-making, problem-solving, relationship building, communication, listening and much more.