5th October 2021

Thank you to all teachers in Sierra Leone and around the world

No student can be successful without dedicated teachers

World Teachers` Day 2021
Intercommunity Development Organization of Sierra Leone recognizes and celebrates teachers.

World Teachers’ Day is observed every year on the 5th October across the world. We celebrate World Teachers’ Day to honour and celebrate teachers and educators for dedicating their time and energy to the education of students and other people.

In 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed 5th October as World Teachers’ Day to recognize the rights and responsibilities of teachers and educators around the world. This day also provides an opportunity to assess and improve the conditions of teachers.

Teachers play an important role in the lives of students and improving our communities and society. They continuously go above and beyond to give students a successful and positive learning experience, despite the challenges they face. They teach, mentor, and inspire students to learn, grow and pursue their careers.

On this World Teachers` Day, Intercommunity Development Organization recognizes and celebrates all teachers for their efforts and hard work in educating and shaping the lives of their students. Intercommunity is honoured to present certificates of appreciation to some principals and teachers within Freetown and the president of Sierra Leone Student Union in recognition of their leadership, dedication, and preparing students for their future success.

David Sinnah, president of Intercommunity, thanks all teachers and educators in Sierra Leone and around the world for their dedication and hard work in making a positive impact on the lives of their students and helping build the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Our staff presents Certificates of Appreciation to the Vice Principal (centre) at Anne Walsh Memorial Secondary School, Freetown

The staff presents Certificates of Appreciation to the Principal & Vice Principal (Left) at EB Williams Junior Secondary School, Freetown

Our staff presents Certificates of Appreciation to the Principal, Vice Principal and Senior Teacher (right) at Lordep Royal Academy, Freetown

Staff presenting Certificates of Appreciation to Head Mistress and Teachers (left)  at QBEZ Memorial  Primary School, Freetown