Orphan Program

Overview of Orphan Program

Sierra Leone has a high number of needy orphaned children, whose parents have died, many of them due to Ebola epidemic, HIV/Aids and other diseases, war, landslides, floods, and other man-made and natural disasters. These orphans are growing up without caring parents and in poverty, facing significant barrier to accessing education, food, health care and basic needs because their guardians find it difficult put food on the table, pay for schooling, buy clothing, and meet their needs. Orphans without guardians are homeless and without support. Intercommunity aim to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable orphans and improve their lives. The Orphan Program focuses on supporting the most vulnerable orphaned children below 18 years of age with the resources they need to transform their lives and reach their full potential. We provide support towards education, food, accommodation, medical care, clothing, mentoring, counselling, and other necessary resources needed to succeed and have a brighter future

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Every donation helps to support orphaned children to attend school, receive regular meals, and access medical care and basic needs to see brighter future.

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Help an orphan to access basic needs and reach full potential.