Psychosocial Support Services


Psychosocial encompasses psychological and social factors that influence individuals` physical and mental wellbeing and their ability to function. The psychological factors include emotion, thought, feelings, and behaviours. Social factors include relationships, family, social values, cultural practices, and support system.

Psychosocial Support Services

Psychosocial Support Services are interventions that aim to address psychological, social, and spiritual needs of individuals, families, or group to improve their psychosocial wellbeing. Psychosocial Support Services can help prevent and respond effectively to the challenges people face, such as to improve quality of life, develop skills, build relationships, maintain physical wellbeing, reduce distress, or mitigate the negative impact of social environment on people`s thoughts, emotion, and behavior. Intercommunity provides practical psychosocial services for people who are vulnerable to or face challenges, which may be due to social, phycological and physical health problems or reactions to crisis or life events such as poverty, isolation, unemployment, homelessness, lack of social support, family problems, violence, abuse, grief, bereavement, physical illness, stress, anxiety, depression, illegal drug use, humanitarian emergencies, and other major life stressors.

We utilize integrated approach and interventions in delivery services. The Psychosocial Support Services are based on the needs of individual or family and may include:

  • Counselling services
  • Case Management
  • Assistance & Crisis intervention
  • Support to access skills training and education
  • Support with housing and employment
  • Nutrition support
  • Provide psychoeducation
  • Health, wellness, and rehabilitation support
  • Information and referral to community services and resources
  • Social support and connection
  • Support groups and peer support
  • Humanitarian responses including emergency & disaster response


The Psychosocial Support Services are available to people who are vulnerable to or experiencing  challenges and need help.