Social Work Team

Social workers at Intercommunity are trained, experienced, and graduated from accredited universities. They also participate in continuous professional learning and skills development. Our Social Work Team provides a wide range of services that responds to the needs of individuals, families, groups, and communities and addresses social problems, barriers and injustices in society, institutions, and organizations.

Our Social Work Team helps to improve the health and well-being of individuals and families through social determinants of health framework, holistic and team-based approach, evidence-informed practice, clinical assessment, and psychosocial interventions. Our Social Workers assist clients with accessing support such as: housing, food, clothing, financial support, employment, healthcare, and other community resources as well as to navigate through the system.

Our social work team promotes mental health and support individuals experiencing mental health issues, social problems, crisis, or life challenges to build resiliency, create change, and achieve their psychosocial functioning, recovery, personal development, and well-being by providing supportive counselling, psychotherapy services, psycho-education programs, advocacy, and linkage to support services and community resources.

The Social Work team provides short-term psychotherapy using a variety of treatment modalities such as talk therapy, mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and others. Our social workers also collaborate with other professionals, organizations, communities, and other services providers to provide holistic and comprehensive services and ensure that clients receive the support they need during difficult times in their lives. 

Intercommunity Social Work team provides support to address a variety of issues or challenges

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety 
  • Trauma
  • Coping with Illness
  • Abuse and violence
  • Relationship
  • Parenting, caregiver challenges
  • Family functioning
  • Separation, divorce
  • Life transitions
  • Self-Esteem and Assertiveness
  • School Related Problems
  • Work Related Problems
  • Loss, Grief and Bereavement
  • Addiction
  • And more

What does social worker team do?

  • Case management and assessment
  • Psychosocial support
  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Advocacy
  • Support groups
  • Parenting education
  • Psychoeducation
  • Research
  • Information and referral services.
  • Support programs and services

Intercommunity Social Work Team is here to assist you,

Social Work Internship

Internship is a critical aspect of social work education. Accredited social work department at colleges and universities require on-site experience through a social work internship or practicum toprovide opportunity for social work students to hands-on experience and integrate theory into social work practice. Educational institutions are often responsible for arranging student internship. They cater for effective internship place for their students and ensure that their students gain high quality internship experiences. In some instances, students are expected to find an internship place for themselves.

Intercommunity offers a well-organized internship opportunity for social work students through collaboration with colleges or universities and the students. The interns work under the under the supervision of experienced social workers and must satisfy a certain number of hours. The internship program helps students to gain knowledge, experience, employable skills and provide networking opportunities that may lead to employment. The interns work directly with those in need and on behalf of marginalized populations, supporting disadvantaged children, individuals, families and impoverished communities. The interns perform duties such as intake, psychosocial assessment, case management, counselling, advocacy, workshops, documentation, and administrative needs.