Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Intercommunity Development Organization is also a enterprise organization that engages in commercial services to generate income to supplement fundraising in order to help support it operations, programs, services, and other initiatives that address social issues in the communities through commercial services. Through the social enterprise programs, Intercommunity offers employment opportunities, skills training, and other support services.  Some of the social enterprise activities include computer repair services and sales, fitness centre, rental items, event planning and décor, and other other activities.

Gym & Fitness Centre

Intercommunity offers complete and affordable gym and fitness services including gym, fitness classes, work out videos, and personalized exercise routine and dietary guide. We also offer online fitness service. Our certified fitness trainers and dieticians will work with you to choose the exercise and walkout routines and diet that work for you.

Business Support Programs

This program is designed to promote businesses and entrepreneurial activities to drive economic growth and reduce poverty. The program tends to address challenges facing individuals who want to start a business and those with existing businesses. The Business Support Program promotes and supports businesses through business skills or entrepreneurial skills training, mentorship, micro-finance or business loan, networking, marketing, self-help group, advisory services, and much more.