Support us

Support Intercommunity

The support and generosity of individuals, organizations, corporations, and more allow us to sustain and expand our programs and services that serve the communities, youth, children, women, families and others who need help the most. Please see below some ways to support us.

In-Kind Donations

You can help support our clients and the communities by donating the most needed goods, equipment, items, and supplies such as: computers, school supplies etc.

Sponsorship Opportunities

You can sponsor any of our programs, projects, services, events that help address the needs of people and the communities.  Sponsorship is also a great way to promote and improve local and statewide visibility of an organization, company or business. If you are interested in sponsoring our programs, services, events and initiatives, please contact us.


At Intercommunity, we often provide vital programs and services by working in partnerships and collaboration with groups, organizations, corporations, government, NGO, charities, communities and others. We also collaborate with partners by sharing resources, infrastructure, knowledge, expertise, and others resources to support impoverished population and address community issues.