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Volunteer Centre

Recruiting,Training & Connecting Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

The Volunteer Centre is a central hub designed to promote volunteerism by recruiting volunteers, creating volunteer opportunities and connecting volunteers with organizations, agencies, community groups, companies, businesses, etc. that need volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to give back to communities, make a difference in people`s lives, make new friends, develop leadership skills and much more. Intercommunity offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. You can volunteer in any way you can.

Goals of Volunteer Centre

  • To provide access to volunteer opportunities.
  • To encourage individuals to get involved in volunteering.
  • To assist organizations to enhance their capacity to deliver quality programs and services by connecting them with volunteers.
  • To work collaboratively with organizations to develop innovative volunteer programs that inspire, inform and promote volunteerism.
  • To increase public awareness of the value and impact of volunteerism.
  • To help build communities through volunteering.
  • To influence social policy relating to volunteerism.

Benefits of Volunteering

We recruit volunteers, train and connect them with volunteering opportunities that are meaningful to them, including: To improve the skills, knowledge and personal growth of volunteers.

  • To enhance their curriculum vitae or resume.
  • To make a difference in someone`s life.
  • To support an organization or community group.
  • To give back to a community and help build better community.

Connecting volunteers with organizations, agencies, groups, businesses, etc.

Volunteer Centre helps organizations, agencies or community groups with finding volunteers they need. We recruit, screen, and train highly qualified volunteers, who are committed and passionate about a cause or for helping others and match them with organizations, agencies and community groups, etc.

Internship or Student placement

Intercommunity provides internship, student placement and volunteer opportunities for high school, college or university students to get more involved in their communities, meet educational requirement, get work experience, and build up their resume.