What We Do

Intercommunity provides a wide range of programs, services and initiatives that support individuals, families, and communities experiencing poverty and other socio-economic challenges.

Girls Space Empowerment

The Girls Space Empowerment Program is designed to support girls` education and development, address issues facing girls and empower girls to reach their full potential.

Counselling & Psychosocial Support

Intercommunity provides practical psychosocial services for people who are vulnerable to or face challenges, which may be due to social, phycological and physical health problems or reactions to crisis or life events.

Freshstart Program

Freshstart Program is an intervention program designed to support young persons involved in juvenile criminal justice system and those with behaviour problems and at-risk of delinquent behaviour. 

Education Pathways

Education Pathways program strives to increase access to quality education, improve attendance, reduce student dropout rates, improve academic performance, and build the foundation needed for successful future. 

Women`s Focal Program

Women`s Focal aims to promote the empowerment and development of women through support services and initiatives that help them to become self-reliance, move out of poverty and improve their quality of lives and that of their families and communities. 

Community Initiatives Programs

A range of programs and initiatives that are critical to community building, economic development, social support services that help with community building and support people from low-income communities.

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