Women's Focal

Women`s Focal aims to promote the empowerment and development of women and girls through support programs, services and initiatives that help them to become self-reliance, move out of poverty and improve their quality of lives and that of their families and communities. We support and provide a wild range of programs, services including:

  • Women’s Meetlink
  • Skills Training 
  • Business Support Program
  • Violence Prevention & Rebuilding Lives program
  • Action for Change Initiatives
  • Women’s Social Time
  • Women’s Focal Forum

Women's Meetlink

Women`s Meetlink provides a safe place for women to meet and share ideas and experiences, discuss important topics and issues, connect with others, support each other and have some fun. It also provides support services to women and girls to help improve their personal growth and development through workshop, mentorship, counselling, educational support, volunteering, employment services, fundraising activities and more.

Skills Training

Women`s Focal support low-income and disadvantaged women and teenagers who wish to pursue careers in skilled trades through apprenticeship and vocational training centres. Some of the skilled trades include hairdressing, tailoring and catering.


Women`s Focal support teenagers and young women pursuing career in hairdressing through Vocational Training Centres and apprenticeship program. This training enables them to acquire skills in hairdressing and other complimentary skills such as hairstyles and trends, braids, hair product safety, salon management, hygiene, pedicure or manicure, make-up and business management so that they can start their own hairdressing or hair products businesses and become self-employment or find jobs in salons and other employment opportunities in occupations such as hairdresser, hair stylist, make-up artists, cosmetologist (manicurist, beauty culturist), salon manager, trainer, consultant, and much more.

Sewing or Tailoring


Women`s Focal also supports teenagers and young women who want to pursue career in tailoring or sewing in Vocational Centre or through apprenticeship, which offers basic and advance sewing or tailoring skills training. The training program includes designing, measurement, cutting, sewing patterns, dressmaking, fashion, the use of different types of sewing machines, business, marketing and much more.  This sewing skills training provides opportunities for teenagers and young women to gain sewing and fashion design skills that would enable them to realize their creative goals,  produce fashionable dress, garments or clothing and gain employment or become self-employed.


The catering program is designed to train and support young people in hospitality, catering careers or business including cooking, bread and pastry making, maid service, waiting and reception. We also collaborate with sector professionals and hospitality schools and training centers to support and strengthen hospitality at all stages of the training to ensure that the young people are employability at the end of their trainings.

Business Support Program

Women`s Focal strives to support women wishing to start small businesses or expand their business by providing business management skills (entrepreneurial skills) training, financial assistance, and access to small business loans. We also identify and support women’s micro-enterprise projects and programs. These economic empowerment initiatives can help increase women`s participation in businesses, provide jobs, self-employment, and other opportunities.

Violence Prevention

Women`s Focal offers Support Services to women and men in an effort to prevent and address violence or abuse against women. This involves working with and educating men and women about the impact of violent on women, children, families and the communities. The support program also enables girls, women and their families who have experienced violence, abuse, homelessness and other issues to rebuild their lives. The program focuses on violent prevention, counselling, health & stress management, education, skill training, business support and other support services.

Women's Social Time

Women`s Social Time provides opportunities for women to engage in a variety of fun, social and recreational activities including movies, Ladies night out, dinner, lunch bunch, dancing, sightseeing, picnic, outing, biking, exercise, games and more. It helps to cultivate friendship and promote socialization.

Action for Change Initiatives

Women`s Focal Social Action Initiatives focuses on advancing gender equality, women`s rights and system-level change for more just and supportive communities at the local and national levels.  We work with partners and communities to raise awareness about women`s issues and other systemic issues that contribute to poverty and inequality through workshops, campaign and public education. Women`s Focal also engage in advocacy in an effort to influence change.

Women’s Focal Platform is a networking platform that provides a safe place for women to connect, share knowledge and experiences, learn and talk about a wide rage of issues and opportunities. It also provides support, advice and resources that will help build women’s self-esteem, development and empowerment. It helps to promotes women’s led enterprises, organizations, businesses, products, services, etc.

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