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Providing information & connecting people to community services, programs, goods, products and other resources.

GetHelp Line - Information & Referrals Services

The community Information and referral Services offer information and referrals of a wide range of available community services, programs, goods, products and other resources provided by agencies, government, community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, companies, real estate, businesses and much more to individuals and organizations that need help. Some people in the communities find it difficult and frustrating to navigate through the system to access needed community services and resources due to lack of access and knowledge about the resources and services. In addition, some people do not have access to computers, internet or the knowledge to use technology effectively to find information online.

Many organizations, agencies, businesses and other entities do not have websites and those that have websites do not have updated information or do not have accurate information about their services and programs. The aim of Information and Referral Services is to increase people`s access to community resources, services and programs and connect them to the services that are best for them, thereby improving their quality of life.

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Providing information & connecting people to community services, programs, goods, products and other resources.

When you dial InfoHelp line, you will be connected with a trained staff, who will assess your needs and provides pertinent information to help callers make informed choice, and connects them to appropriate services, programs, goods, products and other resources, that are best for them or their loved ones.

The GetHelp line is a non-emergency phone line and only for information and referral services. It does not offer any legal advice


Information for organizations, agencies, enterprises, companies, businesses, etc.

Intercommunity maintains and manages a comprehensive Resource Database of available community resources and services that are collected from organizations, agencies, business, enterprises, companies and other entities so that it can connect people to their services, programs, goods, products, and resources.

if you are interested in listing your organizations, agencies, businesses, enterprises, companies, industries and entities  on our Resources Database, please contact us.