Intercommunity celebrates International Day of the Girl Child

10th October 2021

On 11th October 2021, we recognize and celebrate International Day of the Girl Child. The United Nations declared 11th October as International Day of the Girl Child to recognize and address the unique challenges girls face around the world, promote girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights. The theme for this year is “Digital generation. Our generation.” Girls are less likely than boys to have access to digital devices and gain tech-related skills. The world must address this digital gap and ensure digital revolution for all. Access to technology can enhance girl`s empowerment, education, and skills development.

On this occasion, staff, volunteers and girls ambassadors of Intercommunity Development Organization of Sierra Leone visited some schools in Freetown, Bo and koidu town, Kono, as guest speakers to raise awareness about the challenges girls face, promote girl`s empowerment, and amplify girls’ voices. At the schools, Intercommunity girls spoke motivational words and phrases to raise awareness and inspire other girls such as: stop the violence against girls; make this world a safer and hopeful place for girls; If you can draw it, you can do it; and give girls equal access to electronic device. 

This occasion is followed by exciting free events for girls, which provides an opportunity for them to get together and engage in fun activities, play games, showcase their talents, and inspire others while enjoying light refreshments and music. Despite global progress towards girl`s empowerment, adolescent girls in Sierra Leone continue to face greater issues including abuse, violence, exploitation, child marriage, teenage pregnancy, and lack of opportunities, which limit their ability to receive education and realize their full. Intercommunity works to provide opportunities for girls and help to eliminate child abuse, gender-based violence and other challenges, including discrimination, child marriages, teenage pregnancy, school dropout, and poor learning opportunities. Our Girls` Empowerment Centre supports and provides services that are specific to girls’ needs and challenges such as raising awareness, advocacy, mentorship, counselling, education support, skills development, career exploration, healthy lifestyle activities, and community involvement.