Student Support Services


Support service is available to assist students that need help in areas including counselling, advocacy, online learning supports, exam preparation, exploring career paths, and applying to vocational training centre, college, or university. The staff also track students’ attendance, grades, and communicate regularly with school staff and parents to help resolve problems that may come up at school and home. We also help students to access other services and supports they need to be successful.

Counselling Services

Mental Health Support: Counselling service is available to help students deals with a variety of personal problems and other challenges.  The demands of school can be overwhelming for students and sometimes unexpected events happen in their lives. Our Counsellors and Social Workers are here to help students through difficult challenges.


provides opportunity for students to acquire knowledge, planning, social, and leadership skills, which are important to support learning and development. We provide workshops on a variety of topics including bullying, leadership, CV/resume preparation and more.

Career Planning

We support students with career planning throughout their schooling and career development journey. Career planning enables students to understand weaknesses, strengths, skills, goals, and interests that can lead to successful careers. Our staff help students set their short-term and long-term goals, ensures active participation in their academic studies, and explore various career options that relates to their interests, abilities, and skills.

Career Shadowing

Career shadowing helps a student to learn about a particular career of interest.

Students are matched with agencies, organizations, business, etc. that agree to host them for few hours in order to observe the workers/professionals as they work. This can help motivate students to continue in school and gain the education necessary to achieve their goals.

Internship or volunteer opportunities

Internship is a very valuable experience for career exploration, development, and learning new skills. We provide opportunities to students who want to gain experience and learn more about a particular career field. We help students to gain internship in agencies, organizations, institutions, etc., depending on the student’s interest and career pathway.

Secondary School Conference

Intercommunity hosts annual Secondary School Conference to support education, educate secondary school students about diverse career opportunities and motivate them to engage in learning and pursue their career goals. The Conference provides secondary school students with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues they face. The day conference will consist of incredible speakers, workshop series, activities and presentation on various topics including education, career exploration, and innovation. This will help inspire students as the speakers talk about their careers, how they got there, and the workforce.